Expo Claudius

It was a pleasure to participate in an exhibition that celebrates the 50 years of work of Claudius Ceccon – architect, designer, cartoonist and journalist. As a SuperUber employee, I joined a multidisciplinary team and conducted work in two fields:

1 – I did the interface layout for a tablet on which the public can draw with a special pen and become a cartoonist for a minute. I had to study the Claudius’s style to be able to reproduce his work station on a virtual screen. Another challenge was to decide which kind of tools should be available. In this case, the most difficult challenge was removing the erase function, since Claudius doesn’t use it on his drawings.

2 – I developed the interactive installation Rain, where drawings fall down the wall and visitors can touch, throw and drop them. As a result, people are moving and dancing, interacting with drawings that exist only in the virtual space of the projection. Another kinect was used to scan the visitor movements.